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Our bikes Christmas list is getting longer

Our bikes Christmas list is getting longer

She wants a lot of stuff for Christmas Smiley-laughing



The bling craze has begun!!

Add more LED lighting to the rear along with Signal Dynamics Back-Off XP flasher units. Make that beautiful bike more visible so cagers don't run into the back of you!

Bling, bling,bling

It's a big bike with a lot of power so it can carry a lot of "extras"!

Cool looking rack but not a Honda emblem that's backwards. Lol

That's photoshop for ya, lol

Good eye vardy Smiley-laughing

Thanks Julie ... but it was Paintcan that spotted it !

Always good to have some future wishes! I'm sure the list isn't finished yet!!! LOL

You will love having a trunk rack. You'll be able to pack an extra bag up there for Julie!

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