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Out and about

Out and about

My son Mitch got his Learners about a month ago, so today was he's first long day out, covered just over 400km. He is doing quiet well.

So great to be able to mentor him with his riding skills and spending time together.


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Nice !!

Teach them well!


Well done Mitch!

Nice to see Dave. Hope Mitch picks up some good pointers from you. For me my son convinced me to ride in my later years, then when I got my license and bought my first bike he gave up riding. Figure. Maybe he didn't want to be seen riding with an old grey headed bloke. LOL.

Maybe he didn't want to be on the same road....... just joking Smiley-laughing

Yeah. Enjoy riding with your son while you can Dave. They grow up quick and do their own thing.

Very cool!

Yep just enjoying it while I can. I figure once he feels confident, I'll probably get dumped in favour of him riding with his mates, but until then...ride on

A good feeling spratty.

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