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Out with the old

Out with the old

Leaving the 2017 Indian with the Guzzi dealer  GOOD. Got tired of all the stuff going wrong with this bike.



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Did the custom rack go with it?

Everything Indian I had went with the bike. I will never have any use for the stuff. Once I'm done I'm really finished with whatever it is. I had enough of this Indian.

I'm beginning to this one may have been a lemon. Even so, they should have treated the customer better on the service to get it fixed pronto instead of dragging their feet

This is not a lemon I have found several guys here that have had much the same issues with this Indian. The shop service writer said they know about the dropping cylinder and don't know what to do about it. This is from Indian. The chrome is bad on all Indian bikes even the ones on the showroom floor. I was there today and told the guy that sold me the bike and showed him the chrome on the bike setting on the floor. He did not have much to say after that. All the New bike had the same issues with the chrome.
I am not going to wait for the warranty to run out and have to pay for all the repairs just to be able to ride this bike. I think I gave it a fair shake 9000 miles and 4 visits to the dealer. They could not even fix an exhaust leak at the front cyl. They had it for 2 weeks and when I picked it up it leaked worse than when I dropped it off. That is when they told me to bring it back in NOVEMBER. That was July. Needless to say I am not very impressed with the whole Indian thing. I could go on and on with stuff that is happening with this Indian Vintage. I am going to give them an A++++ for looks and for being one of the most comfortable bike to ride. It did get very good mileage but that is not why I ride. If you have to worry about mileage on a bike then you need a better job. This thing is for FUN and getting a big old shitty eating grin on your face. It should make you happy just to ride to the mailbox and back. This is one of the reasons I got rid of this Indian it was not fun to ride it did everything well but nothing stood out as great. AS you can see I'm still a little pissed I made this mistake. Sorry for the rant..

Did you get some cash back in the exchange?

NOPE.. it was a straight across swap. Bike for bike. NO $$ exchanged. While I was there loading the Guzzi up three guys came up and ask if it was for sale. They won't have to set on it long. The owner Rick was amazed at the interest. I told him he would not have it in October.

I blame Vardy for all he problems.....

I feel for you Wayne. A quick Google search of Indian motorcycle problems gives me people just raving about their bikes and others finding and having issues with the bike, from rusting issues before a year is even up due to the fenders not being properly painted and sealed.
I would have done the same as you, if they can't fix it right after the first time, then time to move on. The overall quality of consumer goods as gone down over the years, lumber is not what it used to be, the Lands End clothing I have worn for years (shirts lasting 10 years with weekly washing), now they last about 3 years needing replaced, same with the dress pants. Some of the buttons come loose after a year. 20 years ago those same type of shirts never had a button loose even after 10 years of wear. The number of people who feel pride in the work has gone down which is probably why the products are suffering. Too many people want the money but don't want to work for it.
Hopefully the Guzzi will not be one of the poor quality.

SO far the finish is very good. The wires are all tucked up and away from any weather not like the Indian all the wires were just laying on the back bone and the connectors all were out in the weather and flopping loose. WE'll see after 8,000 miles or so.

If I'm ever in the market to buy another bike, I'll bring you along to give it the go over to catch above and beyond what my common sense is seeing could be wrong. The problem is dealers won't let you jack the bike up and pull the wheels, seat off, etc to checking out the wiring pattern, etc.

I took the seat off while the dealer was standing there and looked under the hood so to speak. I crawl around in the ground and all over the things usually. I did not do that on this Indian. I bought Pretty over ability. I got Pretty It is a great looking bike. Just not a great handling one or fit and finish either.
When I test ride one I go off by myself. That is easy to do if your following the test guy you just peel off and go ride where you want not where they lead you. It pisses them off but I never cared, If I am going to spend 20K + I am riding where I want. Not the kiddy ride they want. I Did that with the Indian it was OK for a new bike so I wasted 20K and bought PRETTY Lesson learned.. Never buy Pretty..

That is what my dad always told me, paint does not make the car run. Sames goes for bikes.

It sure is pretty one. Just too many issues for me. Only 9 months old , what about after that is up. Then all the repairs are on me. I could see that coming and would be a tone of $$ to keep this unit running. It was one of my bigger brain farts in recent years.

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