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Oxford heated grips and "China made" hand guards...

Oxford heated grips and "China made" hand guards...

Little Red is ready for winter, but first let's enjoy the rest of our summer!!! 


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Gert, you will have to let us know how the hand guards work out. Looks good

Allen, don't forget to remember me and I'll let you know. I have to tell you, it wasn't easy to find a pair suitable for this bike. Finally I found a pair on Internet I thought it should fit, very cheap and made in China!!! Only 19 dollars what's about 16 euro including postal costs... Don't ask me how it's possible, but it seems to be possible... They "suit the bike" although I had to make the right hand side suitable because of the brake fluid on the handle bar, what makes I had to use a little iron saw to remove half of the mount what makes it a little bit less solid. It still looks solid enough, surely for that price. I'm sure you can find better, I watched around here in the neighborhood but they start with 89 euro a pair... So to try if it works this is good enough for me and who knows they survive a winter and otherwise I can always buy a more expensive pair, because at that time I know if it works for me...

Those hand guards should help a lot

They look great on lil red.

Reducing the wind chill is what it is all about for for staying warm in winter riding. The bigger windscreen on the Rebel deflects the wind a bit on my grips. Also don't ride very long either. If I did, then I would be investing in a pair of guards.

Glad you found a pair and nicely priced

Are those mudflaps??? Just kidding, they also stop your knuckles from getting busted from flying rocks.....oh wait, you have very little gravel roads around you probably?

Never know when someone could throw something out the window not thinking.

They should block the wind nicely. Now for some studded tiers.

That is where I draw the line. Although if it was to do some ice riding on a frozen lake and no cars about, I'd do that

Tried it with a bicycle when I was a younger kid.

That should work good .They are nice price too. I'll show you what I use soon. They are kind of like gloves for the hand grips. Work great to keep your hands warm at most any temp and dry in the rain.

Those ones will help much. Little Red looks Good.
Have a nice weekend Gert! ☺

I've got hand guards on my VStrom They work really well. Also have the Oxford heated grips. I love them Keeps the hands nice and warm.

Little Red is becoming one well equipped little scooter. Smiley-laughing Looks great Gert.

Hey scruffy, you saying that, I have moose nylon glove like covers on my atv for winter, fuzzy fleece lining, they work great. No wind gets through, I bet they'd work great on a bike as well

I think that is what these were made for originally. They just slip over the grips and lever,ready to go. They are very warm even hot.

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