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Packing my bags...

Packing my bags...

I removed the big bag from the backside of my bike. The little waterproof roll and my two saddlebags seems to be enough. The big bag at the backside is heavy extra weight, catches a lot of wind and I don't need the space...

Just a few days from now and nearly packed and ready to go...

It's about time to putt some bottles of Heineken in the fridge Marek! 


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I already have a CASE chilling!!!

It won't be long Gert, you'll get to taste the Heineken

Only A case Marek???? LOL.

I'm pretty sure you guys will have a great time, as great friends do.
The Heineken is just a bonus.

You're right Randy, I'm also happy with strong black coffee and a smoke! Don't need to drink to feel good... Thanks and I'm sure we'll have a good time!

No beer for me, but will try a whiskey or two. The only time we get beer is when I make chili.

Haha.... Well Randy, they do have a kitchen and there is nothing wrong with a good chili!

Especially if a cold wet dreary day, hopefully NOT while I'm there, but if so, maybe it will be chili making time.

Sounds like some great times and memorable moments coming right up around the bend.

Cold Heineken, conversation and a bowl of chili. Workable plan.

Have a great time guys

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