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Patches For Betsy

Patches For Betsy

I found them online. I was looking for one that said rain certified. This works. On the CCC trip she went from somewhat concerned to who cares, let's go. You had to be there.
The one underneath speaks for itself.



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Patt has that second saying on a tee-shirt. She wears it to work. lol

Now that's cool. If she wares it out you got to get her a second one.


Those are great!

I recall when Coz was on her provisional licence we were travelling. It started to rain....and it got really heavy. I had a big screen in front of me, she had nothing on her 650 V Star. It was difficult for me to see her behind me but she handled it extremely well.

That leaves my wife out.

Yep she yearned them. Maybe need to send one to Valerie

That thought crossed my mind. Val needs to check her mail anyway.

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