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Peaceful Rest Stop

Peaceful Rest Stop

Went out for nice long ride to test the ORK (no leaks except for a very little surface coating from the filter at the housing - a hand crank seemed to fix it) ... came aross an old church and cemetary (maybe an old town around somewhere?) ... took a nice peaceful rest before being back on my way again  



that's ok just as long as it was not the eternal rest. you still have a bunch of riding to do.

NIce stop and photo Bike looks great

Nice shot.

nice pic

That's a great picture of your ride & the dead centre of town.
Good to hear that you fixed your oil leak

Dead Center, I love it

No Dead Heads there though, no George Romero or walkers Smiley-cry ...oh well

The Grateful Dead?

Wonderful pic!

At least you can have a peacefull rest without anyone nagging you in the ear. That's why you went for a ride isn't it Gordo to get away from the nagging. LOL. Nice pic. Glad you sorted out that oil leak problem. I was going to do that with my 1100 when I had it but never got around to it. Ride safe.

I think we all ride in part for the peace! I will never have a Bluetooth headset ...defeats the purpose...besides, I wear a Beanie so I wouldn't be able to hear anything anyway! LOL

OnYa Gordo - Way to go ........ Scoot looks good too ... Ride Safe ..... Enjoy !!!

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