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Perfect day for a ride (... and a few pics).

Perfect day for a ride (... and a few pics).


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Nice setting Gert

great pic

Isn't that a "hiking path" NO motorized vehicles allowed? LOL

Since when does Gert read signs???? I remember a tour through the city center and another up to a castle that he sneaked in

No Randy ! That’s a Dutch Highway ....

Ehhh.... Randy, this time and please hear what I say, THIS TIME you are right! Smiley-wink This “road” is not allowed for cars or bikes, only the person who lives there and yes, there is a sign telling it but.... it is a nice spot to take some pics isn’t it?

Nice and illegal!! LOL.

Bill SHHHHHhhhhhhhh. It's a secret


Nice one! Reminds me of the "Tunnel of Trees" ride in Northern Michigan.

So Gert, you stayed on the right side of the sign. If you went on the other side, we would not hear from you anymore.

Never Illegal, unless you get caught SO your OK nice photo any way Gert..

A great sneeky shot Gert.

Gert, you know what I think about narrow roads....
Those are the most beautiful and exiting to ride!
BTW. Nice work with "freehand" recording...

Well, the last sentence should be under your video not here of course...

Great shot, Gert! Sometimes you’ve got to go a bit “outside the lines” to get the best photos.

It depends if Gert can fit it between the fence and the tree.

Ditto on the super cool backdrop Gert.

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