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Peter’s new way to dress matching his new holidayhome!


Yep ... that’s it Gert ... and I happen to be in Scotland right now!

Laird Peter of Loch Ness. LOL

Just as the Elvis impersonator said, "You wear that around here, you're gonna get kilt!"

I would think there is a sensation of Your fly is open all the time.

Riding your bike down the road. Oh the poor people coming the other way.

No undies under a kilt !

Capt, that would be a sensational way of waving! LOL

Ahhhh!!!!! My eyes ! My Eyes !!!!
Hilder, That and a rainbow unicorn drink should do it.

Better make a special little windshield in front of your seat in case of bugs then Peter, eh ?

WOW that looks a little hard to heat too.. And what arildbt said..

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