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Peter is all wet

Peter is all wet

This on interstate 40 going leaving Okalhoma and heading to Arkansas.  The only rain I had on me during the 16 days of riding.


Own Photo: 


Thunder, Bird?

At least you weren't the only one getting wet. I always find I'm not as miserable if someone else is miserable too

Yes this is taken from the Bird. Peter in front of me on Wayne's Indian and Wayne up ahead of Peter somewhere.

Not a bad run for 16 days.

Wasn’t too bad ... just needed to slow from 100mph to 80mph

This is what it would look like if I rode right now. Hell its a down pour right now.

Send the rain this way Capt, we need it to put out the fires.

16 days of riding and one day of rain. I'll take that

I need some serous voodoo of my own to send this rain westward.

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