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Photo Contest - Easter with Bluesey

Easter was a little late coming this year courtesy of Australia Post. The package was planned and hopefully going to be here around the time of the Angaston Rally but we should have known better. Anyway this is what we did for Bluesey for Easter


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looks nice.........would have been nice to get it before the Angaston Ralley.....gotta say it, better late than never.

Those are some great accessories!

Are you guys getting bad image messages as well?

Yep. Photos not loading here either. I had a similar problem. Fixed by loading lower res images.

Adrian, yes i did but I started again and they were fine.

Annie she is looking great. Nice choices of bling.

Fine pic's here, nice add's

They look great!!!! Nothing like bling to perk a girl up Biggrin

wow thats wild , and it looks so cool as well

Gotta love accessories.

Locking good Annie.

Now you are going to spoil her, lucky Annie!
The mess up with the photos is because of our browsers, IE6 and IE7 are not supported by CC anymore. It happened to a slideshow I uploaded as well.

Bluesey looks fantastic & is a real credit to her owner.

Thanks so much for your comments everyone, I love her new 'blinged up' appearance Smiley-laughing

I think it's Beachy's turn to get some more goodies in the next parcel though.... all he got in this one was rain boots and a gel pad ! Lol

looking good

Annie, I am not sure you should be sharing Adrian's fetish in public..... Smiley-laughing

Lol Steve! I think most of you already have a pretty good idea of what his fetish's are .... Smiley-wink

Annie, nice. If you keep adding stuff you'll need to double your insurance to cover the bling.

Fetish?. I don't know what you are talking about. Norm this hasn't even dented Annie's wish list.
I may have to go back to the cross to support her habit. On second thoughts nah, I'm still having nightmares over some of the sights there

Beachy, There is a simple 2 letter word I learn't long ago, NO. I try to use it all the time with my wife. Luckily it works as she is a very frugal person. I then go out and get my stuff without telling her, simple, effective.

A much easier (and safer!) solution Norm is for BOTH of us to get what's on our wish lists!! Biggrin

Yes but my wife's wish list is shoes (he one real vice), and they are far too expensive.

No isnt in our vocabulary when it comes to our bikes it seems. Not that I am complaining. Smiley-wink

Hmmm Norman and bling for our bikes is cheap???? I think not!!! The difference is we can come up with some damn good reasons for the bling on our bikes, where having 50 pairs of shoes when you only have 2 feet and can only wear one pair at a time is well, not something easily comprehensible.... At least not for me - my shoes consist of a pair of each - tennis shoes, sandals, riding boots, snow boots, slippers and hunting boots....

I'm with you Kim, I hate buying shoes!
The exception is boots.......steel caps, work boots, bike boots and riding (horse) boots Biggrin

Exactly Annie..... I do have dress shoes too but they don't go on my feet but maybe 2 times a year if they are lucky.... I had to buy a pair of heels for my great nephews wedding last year only because I was in the wedding.... YES I had to wear a DAMN DRESS.... I hated it and told him it was a good thing I loved him so much.... LOL

Unfortunately I have to dress up work . If I get the new job I have applied for as a result of our work restructure, I'll have to dress even more 'corporate'. That also means I'll have to buy some more 'dress' shoes .... Groan!!!!!

LOL I hear ya Annie.... They are tight, ugly and does that work for riding the bike to work????

Is there a market now for corporate bike riding gear? Hmmmm

Hmmmm you may have something there beachy.... fashion with a twist corporate style Secret

biker fashion that is Biggrin

I'm waiting for my saddlebag Easy Brackets to arrive from CC so I can fit the bags I had on the Intruder on the 650.
When I ride to work I have to take a change of clothes...and shoes. Im using a backpack at the moment

I love the easy brackets. They work very well. I did however find that one of the screws had come loose. I would suggest using loctite blue on them.

I'll remember that Phil.... but Beachy seems to loc-tite everything already! Smiley-wink

Good. As long as he uses Blue when needed. You can undo bolts done with blue but red is much more difficult.

I didn't even know that Loc-tite came in different colours or strengths.... I've learnt something new Smiley-laughing

Im the loctite guru ! they have about 6 different strengths and then there is also hydraulic sealants and a whole plethora of other applications. Sure beats Vegemite! Smiley-laughing

How do you know it beats Vegemite???? Have you tried sealing bolts with it?????????????????

Ladies, my wife and I work in and office so corporate wear and shoes are a requirement for her, she also likes them. Everyone has to have a soft spot.

Beachy, re corporate riding gear. Draggin jeans make some, almost. I saw them last time I went to visit their shop. One of our staff wears them to work and you cannot notice they are bike pants. Hs only problem is he rides a sports bike but no-ones perfect.

Interesting but Im thinking short skirts here Norm. I guess they couldnt be good for riding safety wise but then.......

As for vegemite Phil it does damn near everything else

You are a sicko!!

Beachy. Ok. Sorry, my mistake. I thought it was a serious question / thought given the issue.

well half serious but it does open up some ideas.

Ummm we were serious... corporate riding clothing for Annie so no more changes of clothes, wrinkles and no more carrying all the extra unnecessary crap with her... but yet she still looks awesome for work Biggrin

Actually Norm, the more I think abut it the more I think there is a growing market for it. Hmmmm

The guys pants look good. Not sure about the women's gear, I did not look that closer.

I like the mods, but I love that blue even more, that blue is awesome, I don't think I have ever seen that deep of blue on any other bike.

yeah its a pretty cool colour for a stocky. Ironically it the same colour as her car! (but the bike is a lot cleaner)
Dont tell her I said that!

LOL did not here you say anything!!! I haven't looked a lot at the V-star, other than when I was trying to find out something about my 1100, but that blue just jumped right out of my screen at me!

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