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Pink Ribbon Ride 2015 Australia

My first ride on the Pink ribbon ride this year and what a buzz. Great atmosphere and a great cause.
Weather was perfect. My self, HRPABLO,TEZZA, only members that could make the day. But the 1000 other riders made up for it.
The green machine is hrpablo


Own Photo: 



Sounds like a good time. Great cause as well

Looks like it was a great day, and where's the pic of you in Pink tights Ray LOL... great cause, well done.

Great day. Great ride. Great everything.

Spratty there's a reason I'm holding a camera. Men in tights is not a good look. Trust me.

It depends, there are some who do like to see men in tights. I am not one of them. There are only certain people who should wear tights. and that is not too many people anymore.

Nice pics Ray.... I think I'm very glad you're holding the camera!!!! Smiley-laughing

I agree Gert, Wearing a pink tee shirt was bad enough. Not my colour I'm afraid.

It's probably not my color. But i'd wear it, for the cause

Nice pics Ray. And for a great cause. I'm trying not to envision you in tights. LOL.

Nice pics Ray. Maybe I can make it next year. Had a triathalon on this time.

Thanks Ray great pics mate , sorry I missed it I'm getting a bit sick and tired of missing out on riding . I feel the need , the need to ride !!!!! LOL .
I'm with Spratty Ray , pink tights and you in em ! I'd like to see that ! LOL .

How many votes do you need Ray, before you show us! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

I could handle pink shirt easily as I do wear off and on a pink dress shirt to work, BUT with black dress pants. No way would I be wearing pink tights. Heck, I don't even wear black tights.

I have all colors t-shirts! I've black, black, black, grey and some white! LOL

I have those colours too Gert.

I'd have to be drunk Gert before that will happen. Shame I don't drink hey. LOL.

Some one might slip you a mickey Ray....

My name is Mike Al not mickey !!!!! LOL .

Oké Ray.... So I think we'll not see that happen! Smiley-wink

I wish they had one Agian in South Australia, They have't had one here in a few yrs Smiley-cry

Sorry Nobby....Some one might slip you a mike, Ray......

Thanks Al , love yah work LOL .

Where was the ride? U know I would do Anything to save the boobies and I get to ride too. Win win for me. So when and where let me know I'll be there.

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