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PioneerGirl and FreeBear

PioneerGirl and FreeBear

The Grand Canyon for our 25th Anniversary in 2015



Congrats on 25 years. Very nice pic

Nice backdroooooooop...Lol! Congrats great way to celebrate.

Congrats and a great pic !

Great Pic!!!

Bloody hell you too! Must have been one hell of a celebration since it happened a year ago.....or did you just thaw out from the chilly months? lol Well done to both of you specially Barry.....we only have a small idea of what he has to put up with.

Beautiful pic .... and so great to see you back on here! Don't be strangers ... drop by occasionally !

Congratulations on the anniversary! That is truly a beautiful shot. My wife and I are thinking about riding down to see the canyon - maybe this summer, if our dollar improves............... and I find a job!

Congrats for the date last year!
Good to see you back PG!

Congrats on your anniversary. Great shot!!

Great Shot !
Congrats !
Never been there myself .. yet ... so who knows ?
Enjoy your days and rides ! Smiley-laughing

Welcome home PG and FB. We missed you.
Great photo and congrats on your 25th Anniversary (last year) Smiley-laughing

I thought about a little shove but glad I didn't! 2 days after that my bike broke down, I totally needed his help Smiley-laughing

Haha Albert, it's the other way around!! You should feel sorry for me!! Smiley-laughing

Congrats on nearly 26 now. Awesome pic

Congrats! Enjoy your trip!

Welcome back home. Too bad Wayne and I will miss you too in our trip to Canada since you're off elsewhere. Looks like a place I need to visit on the Bird. Congrats on 25 years.

Stacey, I'm sure I don't have to feel sorry for either of you. Great to see you back in here. Take care.

Congrats and nice pic!

Congratulations to both of you.

Hello from Arkansas, Pioneer Girl. You've been away since I've joined the site

You're back, well it's about time.

Awesome shot ... Congrats !

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