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Poor Chiefie-Weefie!

Poor Chiefie-Weefie!

Got tagged from behind last summer on the Chief. Finally got around to working on it this summer.


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Ouch that must of hurt hopefully no injuries.

That was a real Bang from behind... “traffic lights?”

Who ever hit you should pick up the tab for this. Hope it was not a hit and run.

It only hurt the bike. No bodily harm was done, although the thought of causing some bodily harm did cross my mind a few times. Yeah, a traffic light. My being stopped at the light didn't matter to the bonehead. The only thing that saved me from kissing pavement was that I had just released the brakes and was in the process of letting out the clutch when he tagged me and sent me into a death-wobble from hell for about 15 feet. I let the clutch out the rest of the way and gave a tad of throttle, stood 'er back upright, parked it and got into someone's face pretty hard.

Insurance? LOL They pick up what ever "part" of the tab they feel like paying. I despise insurance in all of its forms - the biggest legal ponzi scheme in the world, and the best (worst) part is that it's mandatory that we play. They hate to pay any money out. It's always a fight. Miss a payment, though, and you're screwed.

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