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From the Porch

From the Porch

Rode in to work the other day and after opening the front bay door noticed Hildr the Valkyrie parked in front of the warehouse porch...had to snap a picture!



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... and a great picture it is!

And why wouldn't you?

As always, a great shot.

YOUR bike is never dirty. How do you do that. It always is shinny and sparkly... Nice photo and great looking day with sunsine too. I have not seen any sunshine for 5 weeks.

Would be great to ride to work in February! Another nice shot Charlie

Scruffy, if you were able to see Hildr the Valkyrie closely, you'd notice that she's not that clean...we've been caught in a few sprinkles lately. I did clean her windshield.

Len, the next day we had temps near freezing, then rain. A couple of days before that we had temps near 90˚ F (32˚ C). Set some new records for February...

A place that has green grass and leaves on trees. Got to be nice ! In winter we get some days worth riding. Providing there is no more salt on the road.

NO riding for me another winter storm coming and 4-8 inches of snow. Possibly 20 mph wind. I got piles and piles of snow every where now. Pictures coming.. I hate SNOW

If you could only burn the stuff.

Nice one Charlie... was it the right time and place for a break?

Yep...I was there to meet a client during off hours who was picking up some equipment. Had the place locked up and was off riding within a few minutes after taking the photo.

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