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Off to Portland

Off  to Portland

Taking the Indian on its last ride. Heading to Portland OR to get the Motto Guzzi. Only 4hrs each way. 



Own Photo: 




Does Randy live near there?

NOPE he is about 3-4 hr south of Portland.

Hope the Guzzi does a better job for you.

It has already by keeping a smile all the while I am riding it. The Indian never did it was just a ok ride. ONE BIG BRAIN FART!!..This thing can roll. I haven't dragged the boards yet but tomorrow I will give it a big GO. I am riding the old hy up to Ben's place 200 miles from here. That road only has two straight sections, only for a few miles the rest are tight 40 mph corners and switch backs. I double the # on the signs just to have a fun ride. This will be a good test ride..

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