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potential trouble????

potential trouble????

Anything to be worried about?  Like major failure and my body bouncing and sliding along the asphalt and a car potentially running over me?


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yes you need new spokes and better check the cracks in the rotor, obviously. I have no knowledge about spokes. Speaking of which where is the brake rotor? Looks like you need new rim. Sorry about that. How many miles do you have on that wheel?

Randy.. are those dark streaks on the hub cracks or dirt build up in casting marks? If cracks then I would not be doing a long trip with the hub in that condition. If just streaking then probably ok. The thing with spokes is that they can lose tension and need to be tightened. However, if the re-tensioning is not done correctly , it can put the hub out of balance and cause front end wobble.

Drew, this is on my Rebel. Brake rotor is on the other side. No cracks or issues with it. About 3100 miles now. I bought this used with 820 miles on it. Didn't notice anything at the time. The cracks have been this way for at least the last 1500 miles.
Peter, those are cracks as nothing washes them off.
My gut feeling tells me to replace the front wheel (probably easier than just the hub part). Have a lead on a used on at

If they are cracks then hub should be replaced. One decent whack from a pothole could set them off like a snaking crack in a car windscreen. Yes, replacing whole wheel is much easier than buying a hub and re-spoking it. I have watched my neighbour re-spoke the wheels on his Enfield. Tedious and time consuming ... and he has a special tool to get the balance right.

I'm no expert, but I would say it don't look good...

Wow a honda having problems like that. Well glad it wasn't the Triumph, I was getting worried that can't or shouldn't buy a Triumph Rocket 3 Touring after all. Glad it was the cheapo rebel...but sorry about it. It's a $100 or less for a used rim off ebay. Probably less than that to have the spokes reset and tightened to specs. If they're cracks, their vertical ones which shouldn't be a problem. If they start to be horizontal, that might be a problem. I think you don't have to worry about them. Better research though.

How to fix spokes:

There have been many reports similar to the one stated but the consensus has been that they were simply lines left by the casting molds. People comparing their bikes have had identical "cracks". In a lot of cases it wasn't cracks at all but rather protusions ( extra material sticking up ) that looked like cracks. So question is does your bike have actual cracks or just something that looks like a crack.

If you run your fingernail across it does your nail drop down into the "crack" of is it higher then the rest of the hub ?

So far all info leads to a simple cosmetic defect and not a safety issue, have never heard of wheel failure due to the problem.

Good info. This is what I love about this site
People always ready to help out

Yep...and polish them before re-assembly and spray on some clear coat.

If you or a buddy owns a snowmobile, take a look at the primary clutch for what looks like cracks.These are casting marks caused by Heat Checked casting. These clutches turn up to 10,000 RPM and no issues. Just check your hub closely to see if in fact its just raised marks or actually crevasses.Use an edge of a credit card to scrape it, maybe Billy will send you his gold card to use Smiley-wink

You could take it to a good hotrod/race shop and have them Magnaflux check it for cracks. If your not used to using a truing stand and lacing the spokes, you're better off replacing the wheel if the hub proves bad. If you're runing wire rims, buy a spoke wrench and make checking the spokes part of your routine. You can tell by the sound they make when you tap them. If one sounds different it's an issue.

What mileObandit said ... that's why I asked if they are casting marks. Do a proper check before you go to the expense of a replacement wheel.

I went out to Bill's salvage to look at the '05 wheel. It was similar, just didn't look as bad. I stopped by the Honda dealer and showed them a pic of my hub. It was their consensus that it is just casting issues as noted above. Tried checking the worst looking one with a piece of paper. The paper would not go in, therefore I feel it is casting issues. Will definitely keep my eyes on them checking frequently for any minute changes.
Thanks for the advice and thoughts.

Glad it didn't happen while you were riding

Nothing happened yet Allen, I have ridden it for at least 1500 miles or more. It was probably that way when I bought it 2nd hand when it had the 820 miles on it.

Of course you look like a big dude, you might want to check on the weight limits on that little bike to make sure your not stressing it out.

I concur on the casting marks. My thought is a hard frailer would be circular cracks going around the hub. Good call to have it inspected anyway.

Still glad you caught it

NO worries Randy; I have some dye that detects cracks in aluminum. I would think these are just castings left over from the mold. If the dye shows any cracking you will need a hub or wheel. This system only takes 10-15min to show any cracking or deformation in the object sprayed. I have used this stuff for years.

At 350 lbs you should be OK, especially 84 MPG awesome

Drew, 350 lbs is 2 of me. Wished the Rebel got 84 mpg. It does get 75 mpg. The new Elio 3 wheeler that is being developed that I will buy is supposed to get 85 mpg.

No one's getting there mileage because of Ethanol. I used to get 42, now I am lucky to get 36. They don't sell non-ethanol gas anywhere near me, I have to drive 200 miles if I want some.

Yes I noticed the same luckily I can still get ethanol free in town albeit a higher price which the bikes r worth it

I think Georgia is the closest for me. I have to say thank you Governor O Malay. None in Maryland.

I'd say casting marks, but like others say check it out.

I would Deff be replacing the wheel Smiley-laughing

WE'll check it out when you get here, I think they are just the flashing from the casting of the hub. I have seen lots of that kind of marking on all sorts of cast iron and aluminum. Not on forged stuff.

Good info! I'm gonna go check out my wife's Rebel....

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