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puzzle update, reinforces why cagers don't see bikers

puzzle update, reinforces why cagers don't see bikers

While working on my puzzle, it dawned on me the reinforcement of why cagers don't see bikers.  I can be searching for a certain piece looking for the color and shape.  Can't find it.  Go away and do something and come back and it is right there in plain sight.  And it doesn't even move around.  What the eye takes in is not always what the brain is interpreting back.  
Slowly chipping away on doing the interior pieces.  Gave up on the border.  Will do that last.  The rainy weather will help as I won't be out working in the yard.


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I'd of had it done by now. LOL.

Not my thing ... would drive me insane!

Of course you would Bill, being in partial hibernation. Only so much TV one can watch.
Peter, yes it does drive me insane at times when I think it will be so easy to find the once piece and keep overlooking it for 2 days, then finally find it. Yes I look on the floor under the table to make sure no pieces have fallen off.

I see chrome!

Good eye Steve, but then again most bikes have some chrome and then there is that occasional one that goes over the top with it.

Slowly getting there Randy.

The key word being "slowly"

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