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Quick stop at Lukenbach


Looking great Val!

Fast food?

Rootbeer and a taco Smiley-laughing

Taco... Hope there was a toilet close by. LOL. Bike looks good.

Have I missed something? Is that a new bike Valerie?

Looks like a place for some good bar-b-q.

Yes Peter. I drowned the other one in South Dakota.
She sucked water in through the air cleaner. I dont know what the insurance is going to do but in the mean time I picked this up at a good price

Bummer! But ... a new bike always lifts the spirits. I like the colour scheme Smiley-laughing

OK I did not comment because I remember Gracie as a White bike. So the one pictured had me confused. Now is this Gracie III or is called a different name.

LOL Capt.
This on is either Raven or Fred. Depending on the mood im in

Fred works. I once had a dog named Fred

Val, I vote for Raven MAD Fred.

Sorry to see that Val but Wow it didn't look that deep, I'm surprised it took in enough water to cause the failure. :(

I know. Silver lining though. I the uhaul dealer I called delivered the truck to me, loaded the bike and tied it down. Super nice guy. Said he rides too.

I thought it was in Nebraska that had the flooded road you rode thru on

Your right I ment on my trip to SD. my bad

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