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The rarest bike only this found

The rarest bike only this found

The Traub is the only bike that one Was made and some uncertainty of who designed it. This is st the Wheels thru Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC


Own Photo: 


I wonder if they ever take them out for a ride them a little to keep things from drying out.

That would have been great to see.

Interesting that it too is a V twin. I’ve often wondered why, in the earliest days of motorcycle development, one side of The Pond went V twin and the other side went single or parallel twin??

Looks impresive.

Is this the one that was found in a brickwall?

They started it up for us to listen to. Probably a good 75% plus of the bikes there are running and started up off and on

They told us it was found behind a brick wall in Chicago.

I watched a TV docco about the Traub - Very Interesting and seen it get started up - Not sure whether it done a lap of the buildings ... I know a couple of the bikes they had there had done so ...

Very incredible History for the Traub ... a RARE Beast in the True Sense of the word ...

Great Stuff - Thanks Randy ...
Ride Safe ...

One of the employs came over and started it when randy and I there with it. It had a nice smooth idle to it and a full body sound when it was ran up.

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