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Ready 1

Ready 1

Bikes are clean and ready for Randy and Gert...



Own Photo: 


Almost matches my yellow.

Looking good Polssken. I'm sure they will get enjoy the ride, when they get there

Wow look at them shine. Looks great

So if they have the bikes what are you going to ride

Sweet! I love the colour of Dana's bike! Yours too mate.

Looks like you're going to have some fun and some nice riding. You'r going to need real dark sun glasses with Randy's Yellow suit.

Sounds like there going to have a great time.

So now I know y Wayne wanted to ride in front

Nice and shiny.

One Coffee and a smoke together with Simone and.... I'm on my way!

Be Safe My Friend

Thanks Val!

Very nice Marek. You guys have a great time together.
Looking forward to pics and vids.

Be safe Gert

Be safe and enjoy the time together

Ride safe Gert.

Be safe and enjoy. I'm sure Simone will have plenty of house work to keep her busy while your gone.

Have a great time a post pictures soon.

Pictures are on their way... arrived safe!

Glad you made it Gert

Glad to hear that you guys made it also.

Happy for it Gert

Glad you made it safe Gert.

That's great Gert now just for me to not get on the wrong train and end up in Russia

Cool have a very good time together.

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