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Ready for Ararat

Ready for Ararat

Beachy and I arrived at 'Casa del Cole' (Phil's place in Heywood) after a 650km ride in 37 deg C heat. We were treated to wonderful hospitality and given suitable instruction and preparation for the weekend ahead in Ararat...... an introduction to the HeadPet and a bottle of red pills !!! Smiley-laughing



$hit, its too late!

But is Ararat ready ?

It's ok Steve, I was delirious from the heat. I'm back to normal now!

Pkeo, Ararat has has Phil there several times before. You would think they would close the gates on week ends. They haven't had the pleasure of Annie's and my company before, so maybe they will learn their lesson this time! Smiley-laughing

Have a great time mate and Annie and all the rest I wish I could have made it.

We still have Angaston to look forward to Wayne. Stay safe mate

I will be there!

That's the hat I'd want to be wearing in 37deg c heat.

Have fun everyone.

you poor people

Beachy, I don´t think this little bottle is enough!!! You need much , much more of that stuff!!!

Geez mate.....why the long face? LOL

Hope you remembered the chaps Smiley-wink

g mate wtf no fish and chips? lol

I gave hi his supply of red ones because he was talking absolute shit and I thought he need them. AnnieO told me afterwards that he always talks shit!!!

Im glad you confirmed this Phil I have been wondering about that for some time. Probably needs some good old fashion Aussie paste on his toast for Australia Day.

By the look on beachy the pills are working well

I wasn't talking shit Phil was hearing shit. Ask him what strings he had to pull to blackout south western Victoria on Friday!

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