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Ready to bring a birthday present to Mareks grandson in Sweden...

Ready to bring a birthday present to Mareks grandson in Sweden...

I’m ready to go for a visit to Sweden. It is a day drive, it‘s about 1100 km. I’ll go within one hour from the moment I write this, so that will be around 08:00 in the morning. I’ll stay for a week, I hope we can go for some rides. I can always use Dana‘s bike or otherwise Mareks brothers (Waldemar’s) bike. The weather forecast is good for Sweden next few days and that’s good because it is Sweden and you never know about summers in Sweden! 

I cann’t wait to see Marek and Dana again and to see their children again, his son Markus and daughter in law Josefine. Eva and Johannes (his daughter and son in law) amd their little one named Samson who just did his first steps. He will have his first birthday in a few weeks.  

I’ll post some pics during this week from our meeting!

Now I have to finish my coffee, put the bags in my car and start the engine... ready to go!


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Safe trip mate, the little bloke will love that gift!

Say hi from all of us, John Deere tractor - awesome!

A John Deere tractor will last a life time!

Nothing runs like a Deere.

Yes say hi to everyone for me. Enjoy

Me too ! Remember, The job of grandad is to spoil the grandkids and teach then bad things. You make a good partner in crime.

Safe travels ... have fun

Good on Ya Gert - Safe Journey To & Fro, My Friend ....

Have a great time and say hi from this old fart please.

I will Terry!

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