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Ready for CCC number 10

Ready for CCC number 10

Ready and rearing to go to Mildura for the 10th!


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Have a great time and say gidday from us!

Sorry you won’t be there Steve. You and Trish were my neighbours @ Rally #1

Too much on at the moment Vardy, have fun!

Me and Paul are ready to go too. Just need to pack.

It bust be a tuff old bird to pull that trailer.

My eyes must be deceiving me has that bike grown all of a sudden....Enjoy Mildura, unfortunately I'm on caring duties for my sick mum so not really planning anything at the moment..

Xero, it pulls a larger trailer than this little one. It’s funny, we used to put our tent and all our camping gear and clothes in this little one. No we just use it for trips where we motel it.

Have a safe trip and say gidday to all down there.

Well, found trailer needs bearings...and tyres .....and I need more time to sort the problem out.

Get’er sorted and have a great ride, Al. Say “hi” to all the guys down under for me.

Will do Len. Thanks.

Get 'er done Al and have a safe fun time!!

Trailer all done. Set to go.

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