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Ready to go!

Ready to go!

All what I thought I would do is done, so the bike is ready to go. I went for a very little ride around the corner. Feels good!!! Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do because now the waiting will feel even longer!!!


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Looks real good Gert. Yeah, maybe you should've waited, lol

Now you've done it!! A little voice in your head will be saying ride me please!! Ride me!! LOL. Looks great.

If you’ve already had a little ride, what’s stopping you having more little rides? (Don’t worry abou5 the salt, better on the road than in your arteries)

That's fantastic Gert. The bike looks really good

Your little Yamaha really turned out GREAT.. the little ride that will be on your mind from now on. At least until you get a longer ride in.. Great work .. she looks very nice..

Bike is looking great! Those bags are a nice addition.

Nice, the weather is getting warmer. Will be mid 50-60 F, ~14 C all this next 5 days. Riding weather.

Looking good Gert. Keep doing those little rides to get the feel.

Looking good.

Heart says 'RIDE' - Head says NO - Hard Decisions always confound me - If you are getting a little stressed about it then GO for a ride and De-Stress - Works every time for me Smiley-laughing
Good on ya Gert - We would like a FULL Report on your first good ride ......
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

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