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Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Timing belts successfully replaced, along with new spark plugs. Saved over $800 by doing it myself. The job isn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. The worst part was getting the Kuryakyn Chrome valence covers removed, so I could change the spark plugs! They look nice, but the bolts they supply with the covers are low grade, and the covers themselves are chromed pot metal.... one was cracked, and broke completely when I took it off. 
They‘ll stay off..


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Well done mate!

Good job on the $$$! I do find Kuryakn stuff just doesn't have a long life to it.

Well done Len.

Well done! None of my kuryakyn accessories have ever broken but the quality of the chrome, compared to the rest of the HD chrome, is sH-1T

Saving $$$$$ is the best of all. Just more gas to buy for your trips.

Ah I see its all done, rewarding doing it yourself isn't it. Best part you know it's been done with care and properly.

Looks "cleaner" without those covers...

The Belts are Easy to Do on the Wings .... Glad you had no troubles - Always Good to Get to know your bikes intimately - if you know what I mean ....
Knowledge is NO Weight to Bear ...
Ride Safe .....

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