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Ready for Wild Hogs!

Ready for Wild Hogs!

Just need to pack now



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Looking good Steve, Enjoy.

Me too Steve. See you soon.

Haha...I had to do a double take on the clothes rack to figure out just what the heck it was at first hanging in the that trailer looks big compared to the bike.....whats that like to pull loaded up?

BTW Todd, Steve lugs along the clothes line as well as the kitchen sink....LOL!!!
All I can say is that he doesn't hold us up on the winding mountain roads and has been know to go by a line of bikes just cause he can!

That is a great looking trailer. it should have everything one needs. Have fun guys.

I could easily fit it in there. Could be just like Roadie, sleep off the hang over just in time to start again that night at the next destination. Eat, drink, and watch video of what I missed during the day.

Except that I will have a 50L esky in there full of the amber nectar. Just keep topping up, no hangover!

YOU sure that's enough ? You should share a little. Have a great time Steve. be safe.

Looking good Steve. Do we need a portable welder this year? Smiley-wink

Hope the weather holds for you ... have fun!

Enjoy the WH ride Steve!

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