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Real women who ride

Real women who ride

Yep real women who ride come in all shapes and sizes, even pocket size 5" and under LOL.
Coz and I catching up recently. A perfect example of friends made through motorcycling, who you just know will be friends forever.



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Great pic of two lovely ladies. Nice ride to Dim. As you said, friend's you meet from motorcycling, are some of the best.
Thanks for sharing.

Your going to meet the friendliest people on a bike. Then before you know it you have all kinds of new friends. I have the same problem it's great fun

a great pic. I didn't realise Cos was taller than you! Smiley-wink

Great to see you back Dim. That's a great shot and you two look awesome. Ride safe.

Thanks guys - Adrian it was the shoes!! No really, everyone is taller than me!!!!

What a great photo Dim and Coz!
We need a photo of the three of us with our Stars! Smiley-laughing

Great idea Annie I'm up for it at the next get together!

Nice pic Dim, Woman are like Bike's-They come in all shape's & size's, & are all beautiful & have to have curve's to make them interesting I-m so happy

Two nice lady's, two big smiles..... You said it Dim, true friendship..... This pic shows it all!

Obviously, most of you have not been away for a weekend with them!!!! Ask Adam and Al about it!

Dim stood next to a 3 year old in the pioneer village and had to look up!!!!

You could have all got in on a family ticket. Dim and Adam, (the children) Al and Cos (the parents) and then there is Grandpa Phil.!
Oh hang on Mrs C was there too. Well I guess she can have a sugar daddy! Smiley-wink

Born 29 of February or truely three years old Phill? Smiley-wink

There is nothing sweet about me, and as for money, there's non of that here!!!,

Truely 3 years old.

Yeah Phil I may look up at 3 yr olds but you share a mental age with them Smiley-wink


Ouch!!!, that's bloody harsh. My psychiatrist said that I was tested to that off six year old. So don't be mean!!!!!

Phil 2x 3 year old does not equal a 6 year old!

Coz and I are grand parents...not sure Phil is....

But he looks OLD Al!

Nice photo girls and this site is the best, your all my family of friends, sincerely this site means a lot to me.

Awwwwww..... My two favourite girls togheter on the same photo!!!!!
I´m sooo....sooooo... Moved!
And you beachy are wrong.. I checked Phil´s journal - he´s actually 9 not 6...

I should be in the puc....I ride like an OLD woman. Lol

Why does everyone pick on you Phil?

Great pic of two good friends.

LOL .. Al
Tezza not picking on him, just assisting in his welfare and counting skills

Great photo of the both of you

great pic very cool, its good to see that ppl can take the time to say some nice and true words

Great pic!! Sweet looking Star!

Awesome girls-

Great photo, ladies!

Dim and Coz are actually tall. They did some photoshopping to perpetuate the myth that they are short!

Great photo of you both.

Sorry Dim, but I think you are more than pocket size. I have seen any 5 foot pockets lately. Maybe in Texas where they claim everything is big or maybe over there.
You have got to fill me in on the UFO. This is the first time I almost personally know someone who has seen and was right next to an UFO.

There is still nothing wrong with your eyes Randy!

Vardy, forever the politician. Lol
Gert, yep Randy's eyes are normal. One on each side of his nose.

nice !!!!

It's ok Tezza. While they pick on me, they are leaving someone else alone who can't handle it like I can. Screaming in the foetal position!!!!!!!

Hi, Dim. The The Ladies of Kansas City ride and then some. I met this Lady at a bike show some years back.
My wife likes to ride to work and make the "boys" shut up.

Sweet photo of two sweet girls.

I hope you put the milk crates back Dim

Mark, you only say that because she lives in another state. Smiley-laughing

That is correct Terry lol

756klms to be exact

So 20 minutes the say you ride Hagar! Lol


Sorry, forgot fuel, food and comfort stops......

It's a 5 wagon wheel trip Al

Does the MT01 go through wheels at that rate???????

Randy, hubby's Victory Vision is the UFO! Although I also call it the Eclipse, because when it's around it eclipses all other bikes in the vicinity, all eyes on the Vision.


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