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Rebel not starting while in gear resolved

Rebel not starting while in gear resolved

Found the culprit was the left connector had come out for some reason by the clutch lever.  Pushed it back in and now can start in gear again only if the kickstand is up and clutch is in like it is supposed to.


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dang computer gremlins, same process as yesterday but kept getting error load messages.

It was a net issue. Probably some main server farm had a glitch. Found the same problem occurring on other sites.
Glad Little Red is happy again.

Edwin, I think you were thinking of someone else from another site, Little Red ??. LOL I don't have a red bike. The Rebel is black and I have hair. Now you make have been thinking about Gert's Little Red which he still has and did have a dead battery.

Glad it was an easy fix. Ride, ride, ride!!!!!

You are both right Randy, Edwin and you... Little Red is fine! LOL

Glad Rebel is fine now.

Technical guru !

LOL yeah right Vardy. How I wish. Got lucky in this one. Thing was all of the advice from everyone was not right, but just led to the right direction. The Rebel doesn't have any contacts or screws under the clutch but has these contacts.

Guess I need to get a few screws

OR that Little Red is quite the looker and has the mind discombobulated.

What an ace mechanic!

LOL At least I saved shop diagnostic time and the hassle of loading the Rebel into the trailer to take it there. Or if I wanted a real workout, I could have pushed it the 2.5 miles there.

Lol. You got the satisfaction of knowing you found the issue yourself.

Yes and it is even greater since I'm not much of a mechanic. The mechanics on this site got me pointed in the right direction.

I know where the air,oil and coolant go.....

Well done Randy.

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