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record auction price

record auction price|tpfn&utm_content=common-tread-news&utm_term=land-speed-record-black-lightning-sets-auction-record-929000-post-013018-|tpfn,  nice history behind the bike, but I don't think I would pay that type of money to own it even if I had it.



That’s a lot of money Randy!!!

I wonder what Rollie Free's Black Lighting would bring?

Yes it is Gert, like I said, even if I had that much I doubt I would be spending it on a motorcycle costing that much.

An anonymous Australian businessman bought it and us “bringing it home”. A very important motorcycle in terms of Australia’s motorcycle racing history.

So you can show it to me when I visit Peter. How nice of you.

Peter send us more pics of it when you get it home

Yeah, no worries! bought another bike?

Amazing price and interesting read

Must be NICE to have money .... Rare Beastie - I wonder if it was one of Phil Irving's decendants ?

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