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Redo of paint

Redo of paint

As much as I liked my first design I just wasnt feeling it, I redid it yesterday



You’re a real master in this kind of painting Val! Looks great and what’s so special about something like you did... it’s one of a kind... nobody has the same!!!

Well done!

Tanks Gert. True that no one has the same. Don't know if they would want to, but I like it Smiley-laughing

If you can do a rose the way you did it, I’m sure you can also do other subjects and I’m nearly sure somebody would like it!

That looks awesome! Good job Smiley-laughing

thanks Ant

That's beautiful Val
You certainly are a true artist

Very fancy!

I wish I could get an air brush. I could do a lot more, but alas I would rather spend my money on other things, like food. LOL

Nice job. Yes that evil little thing called money. They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a lot of other things.

so true

Great work Valerie ... you have a talent.

Very nice Val...classy !

Great job Valerie. Maybe a side business in the future?

Perhaps Bill. But I'm slow, it took me 4 hrs to do that. Also I'm afraid to do something for someone else. What if they dont like what I do. People get real rattled when you mess up their bike

Looks great Val. The more you do the better you get. You can always do what I do. If they don't like how I get the project done They should have done it themselves. Looks real nice. Val I got an air less brush I don't use I'll bring it down.

Good job Val.

Really Wayne!!!! That would be Fantastic!!!!!

Great job Valerie. As long as you like it, that's all that counts

good link. thanks Smiley-laughing

Beautiful! ....and 4 hrs isn't bad... quality takes time!

Thanx Alex

Must be nice. Painting your own Rembrandt on your bike's fender. Awesome job Val.

Thanks TG LOL It's no Rembrandt but it is mine Smiley-laughing

Looks amazing.

Thanks Erik.

Either one. It's still a lot better then what I could ever turn out. Looks nice !

Thanks Capt. Wait till I post what I am doin today. I bit off more that I can chew LOL

I can paint a wall and that's about it.

How do you do that without getting paint all over the trim?

Don't buy a cheep brush to cut in and a steady hand.
Otherwise, its the 20 foot rule...If it looks good at 20 feet. Its fine.

I'll have you paint roses all of the pit and chip spots on the Subaru Baja, then I'll call it Rosie B.

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