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in the redwoods near San Francisco

in the redwoods near San Francisco

from left to right, Wayne, Phil, Drew.  Uwe and Tracy where off elsewhere.  I took the pic.  This was part of the Friday ride.


Own Photo: 


Always nice to take a break and do some BSing, lol

And there was plenty of that. That is why I wear boots while riding

Need really high boots, lol

That ride had lots of switchbacks and twisting tight corners but a very narrow road. Great riding through the REDWOODs. These trees aren't the big ones like up north a ways.These are huge trees.

That was a great day albeit bloody tiring too!!!!!!! The scenery was amazing from what I was told.!!!!!!! It was a hard day riding on the wrong side of the road on someone else's bike!!!!!!!!! No wonder I was stressed for some of it!!!!!
Had a ball though!!!!!!!

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