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Removed Damaged Pieces...

Removed Damaged Pieces...

I removed all the damaged pieces from my "DEER" accident and gave her a wash job. It looks naked though. LOL. It's rideable at least. 


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Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of deer? The Shadow does!

Wow! So glad you're OK and that the Shadow escaped emanate doom! Deer are my #1 concern -- just after inattentive drivers -- while out and about. I've hit a few deer with my truck, but have been able to dodge them while on two wheels...nevertheless, a few close calls have made my extrasensory deer receptors extra responsive!

The bike looks great naked or not. I do know with the fairing it is much warmer in the cool weather rides. Even in heat, it beats the constant push on the upper body in long road trips.

At least this way you will still be able to ride

Bill ... until the Shadow is repaired, you can reacquaint yourself with wind in the face and bugs in your teeth!

It looks so different naked. So glad it's rideable

We all do Val .... ;0))

Don't go there Peter

I think you got you money's worth out of the highway bars.

I did Capt. They helped save my bike from worse damage.

I think it looks great naked. Unlike some of the commentators to your post would if we were ever to be punished to see it!!!!!!

Bill, glad that you are okay and your bike is still good to go. Deer are still a nuisance here even now. I had to replace the batwing on my VTX over a year ago due to high winds causing a piece of drywall to fall on it.

TC, I hope it was sitting home when that happened .

Now that's different

Doesn't look bad at all. Plus you can still ride

CAPT. , it was at home in the garage when the sheet of drywall fell. It also busted the windshield on my Goldwing at the same time.

Losey drywall !!

Glad you are OK Bill and the bike is still rideable - Those things are even getting to be a pest down here - up in the higher country - as are the damn Brumbies (Wild Horses that Run Free here in OZ), you really have to be Extra Vigilant when riding in the High Country in The Snowy Mountains - just up the road a few K's from me here in Cooma NSW .....
I Certainly do not wish to RUN INTO ONE - Any of the WildLife here causes many prangs and even Deaths on the roads - Dangerous Places we ride - But Not as dangerous as trying to Ride in SYDNEY .... I'll take the Bus & Taxi for that one .... or Just NOT GO There maybe Better ... Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

I wouldn't ride in Washington DC either. They are all in a hurry. I take the METRO. Baltimore you may just get shot and there not shooting at you.

We have pie eyed animal lovers that feed the deer in there backyards and fight against hunting. This encourages them to cross roads to get to the easy food. My last deer hit cost $4300 USD to a Jeep Wrangler.

OUCH !!! in more ways than ONE .... Maybe the Govt should Edumacate the DEER to Cross on ZEBRA Crossings.
CHeers & Ride/Drive Safe ....

Thanks everyone. Parts are on the way. Should be here this week. I already have replacement gear. My legs still pretty beat up, but it is slowly improving.

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