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Off for a ride.

Off for a ride.

Sunday morning 3.30. Off for a short ride. Temp good, around 15C, no rain predicted although I did get about 50 drops 5 minutes after I left home. Just into the city to assist with another triathlon. Home around 10am. 290ks all up. Glad I wasn't swimming as the bay was 17C.


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WOW that is early.. There is only one reason I get up at 3. Sounds like you had fun anyway even though you did not go swimming.

Yeah. I usually just do local ones but I do this one in the city each season. I thought I'd do some of the things I usually do on the day, the night before. Meant I also should have adjusted my departure time. Didn't really matter just meant I had about 45 minutes to fill in so did a bit of a spin along the beach.

Still sounds like more fun that I had today. Raked Leaves for 3 hr. I have about 6 hrs left. Then I wired up all the bikes for a Battery Tender. Now i won't have to be charging the battery's one at at time. I bought the 4 battery unit. Tomorrow I get to rake more leaves... LUCKY ME!!!! I just hope I don't have a heart attack..

Wayne, you've made life easier with the wiring. All mine are wired for easy connection (well not the CBR900RR, I took it off and put it on the Oldwing since I'm selling the CBR) Did the big yard day etc on Friday. 5pm here now and I think I need a nap. Lol.
AND....don't do the heart attack thing!

I am not that ambitious about Leaves. I should have them finished by Tuesday. My yard is 3/4 acre with lots of big ass trees.
The battery charging is already way easier than I though It would be. Then I had to make up a couple extensions to reach the back two bikes. Take your nap It is 10 pm here i have 2 hrs left. Then I turn into a pumpkin.

Lucky halloween's over. Lol. Yeah, that 3/4 acre is a bit of a job.

Good job Al. We know you are a Lycra addict. Smiley-wink
A shame you couldn't join us for our ride.
Maybe next time.

Hmmm ... I can't imagine anything that would get me out if bed voluntarily at 3am!

Al, that's to much exercise for me, lol. Good job

Gee thanks Tezza... I needed that image in my mind about Al in lycra.... NOT!!

Allen, no exercise for me. I just follow the cyclists around to ensure they observe the rules....well the official on the back does that.

Al, I might could handle that

3:30 am sorry a bit to early for a ride Al.

Anytime is great for a ride

Vardy, I do this about 4 times in spring/summer. Most of the time it is very pleasant. Minimal city traffic etc. However, if it's wet....not that enjoyable. Some of the "scenery" at the event is pleasant too.

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