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Ride to Medicine Hat

Ride to Medicine Hat

Last weekend I rode to Medicine Hat, and back, to celebrate my youngest brother's birthday. He's become one more reason for me to support the Ride For Dad, as he's been fighting cancer for over a year. 


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Good job Len.
We’ll miss you at RFD this year.
Wishing your brother well.

Thanks Randy. I will definitely be missing all of you guys this year, but maybe I'll find a bike to rent that weekend in Australia!

Hell, Spratty has a few, sponge one off him!

All strength to him Len

Watch out for that corner ahead. I had to take it with Noof. Sure wish your brother well also.

Scruffy, you’re confused. The highway from Calgary to Medicine Hat has no curves. We had the highway with the curve .... LOL

Great pic Len, so sorry to hear about your brother I wish him well and a full recovery.

Great pic and a speedy recovery for your brother.

Strength to your little brother Len.

Cool shot Len and God's speed to your brother.

Nice shot Len

Noof; I saw a sign with a curved arrow I thought that meant curve ahead. I just went straight for miles.

There is a slight curve in the distant or maybe it is an optical illusion. Wish you brother well with a victory being a survivor. It is difficult to set aside and watch wishing there was more you could do. I know this from my wife's colon cancer. As she said, it is the support that is greatly appreciated.

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