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Ride, Show and Lunch

The attached photos were taken at a local bike show yesterday. A few of us CCC members got together and went for a ride, checked out the show and then had some lunch at Fat Bobs Burgers. This is a selection of bikes that caught my eye. Technically Wolfye was not on the ride with us, as we met up with him at the bike show, he had entererd his HD for judging. His was one of the best presented bikes at the show and the bronze and black colouring defintieyl stood out for the crowd.

The number of Indian bikes was surprisignly large.


Own Photo: 



Great pics Norman. Some very nice bikes new and old.

Excellent shots of a LOT of Indians!

There was lot on nice bikes there. That mustard and white coloured Indian was a new 2010 model (pre Polaris)

Very nice ...thx for sharing !

thank Norman, its the first time I saw as far as Indian bike like that with different look

Some mighty fine looking machines .

a lot of very nice bikes

Outstanding lineup of bikes. Must have been a great day with a Fat Bob Burger, a ride and all those classics.

Some real classics Norm good day im sure

Some very nice looking bikes there Norman, that would've been a great day out I bet. Thanks

Hey did you get the Drifter sorted out.

Yes, 1 faulty wire was causing my problems.

And Trish's brake light switch?

It seems to be always something small that causes the biggest headache to find, glad it's sorted now, have you sold the 250 yet..

Great photos Norman!
No photos of Chris's bike?

Thanks Norman .... great collection of timeless classics (and some not!)

Damn that Indian motorcycle company, though, did you see how they copied the Kawasaki Drifter. You'd think they would come up with a design of their own!

Steve, the spring caused the problem. Bent it back and all ok.

Spratty, yes Trishs bike sold Saturday.

Steve, yes I did take one of Wolfye's bike, I will check tomorrow to see why it did not upload.

Vardy, bloody Indian rip offs. I liked the older Indians but not the new one. I think I need a closer look and ride. The Indians outnumbered the HD's at the show, outside in the parking lot it was a different matter though.

Photo #25 is my favorite.

Norm you said Wolfye's HD is gold & bronze, but don't see a HD that color. I did see the last Indian that looks gold & bronze. Is there a photo of Wolfye's bike in your lineup?

I'll check tomorrow at work.

Yeah, because it makes it all more fun when they are paying you to surf the net... Sadly, those days are over for me,,,, for now,,,,,

What's the matter Steve .... new bosses keeping a close eye on you?

Sadly,,, don't have time anymore...flat out working,,,,at my age!

Sheesh! What's the world coming to brother. And if Mr Hockey and Co. have their way, you'll have to work until you are 70 before you can claim the old age pension!

Sorry guys, looks like I forgot to take a photo of Wolfye's bike. One of the others may have taken one.

No sweat Norm...

Sweet set of pics

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