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Ride To Work Day!

Ride To Work Day!

The weather is finally cooperatng enough to allow a ride to work!


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great pic!

It is not too often that I don't ride to work.

I'd like to. But with the nuts in DC I'd prefer a M1 tank.

And it has aged well Len.

Nice pic alright.Glad the weather is co-operating.

Is that the image as you walk away and just turn around for that final glance....nice!

Looks great Len, how's she running after all your service work, perfect no doubt. Enjoy the riding season

Looking good.

Love it!

I would ride mine to work....if Coz would let me bring it into the house.

Don't ask. Just do !

Lucky ducks!

That’s good news Len! So from now on there is at least nearly everyday a little ride!!!!

Some how If I go to the, Say Hardware store to pick up what ever. That's about 7 miles there. And about 35 miles back. How does that happen?

That's fair John, just don't pick up the milk and do that or it might be a bit off by the time you get back. lol

I try not to do that with ice cream in the saddle bag. But they will hold two 6 packs of long necks each bag !

Now ya talking

Guys surely we're smarter than that ...go the long way to the shop and then the milk, ice cream and beer will be fine for the short trip home....Lol!

Then I forget what I went for... Except the beer.

Yeah that would be me, I'd sure as hell forget what I was going out for other than just a ride

You guys say it like it's a bad thing. It just gives you another reason to go out.....

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