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Riding in Sweden today

Riding in Sweden today

Riding in Sweden, with my friend Robert Roos. Loved the ride to Vaxholm today! He loaned me his Ducati Monster (900 cc), that baby SCOOTS!



Vaxholm, stats near Stockholm. I’ve visited Sweden now about 5 or 6 times, but never been in or near Stockholm. Sweden us a great country to go for a ride. Lots of space and great nature wherever you go. Halstad is were Marek lives and that’s near the other side of the countries coast, near Malmö, more the south west and you’re 530 km away at the east coast side if the country. Wish you a great visit and holiday! Enjoy your rides!

Excellent! Would be great if you could meet up with Marek and Gert Good reason for a ride.

Yeah, I sent Marek a note but have not heard back.
We depart for the US Saturday morning, so time is getting short.
I had a great time riding here!

Alex, I know he and Dana are on Holiday in Greece at the moment with their son, daughter, son and daughter in law and his grandson.

Understood. I plan to be back in June; maybe we'll meet then!


Looks like a great trip..

Enjoy your time.

Money will probably be tight for me after I get done with my trip to Australia otherwise I'd see about joining you in June to visit Marek and Gert again.

Last year I visited Marek in June, who knows what happens next year...

NICE !! Big Scooter indeed ! Lol !

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