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On the road again

On the road again

And I'm off. See you guys Friday. Be safe everyone 



Enjoy, looking forward to hearing the stories, or at least the ones that are allowed to be told...LOL!!!

Ahhh .... !
Finally !
Good On You Sister ! Smiley-laughing
Now, take it easy, keep your eyes and mind open and enjoy your well earned trip ! Have a beer for me with the guys !
I do envy you this one my friend ! Smiley-laughing

Enjoy and ride safe

Enjoy and be safe!!

Be careful and enjoy. We'll see ya Friday. We're leaving Wednesday morning

Wish you all a very nice and safe ride and a great meeting!

Have a safe and adventurous ride.

Happy travels.

Here we come ready or not. Ride safe girl.

Safe travels Valerie

Be safe and enjoy, Scruffy

I gonna put my engine back in tonight...tried once and I had to call in a favor it take two. You guys on you way to Hells Canyon? I getting boxed up a bit, be pulling all nighters to get ready.

See you Friday. We left Wayne place this morning and we are in Baker City Oregon now.

Enjoy the ride Steve ... stay safe!

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