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On the road again

On the road again

Short three day road trip to central/west New South Wales. Had to stop by the Mt Panorama motor racing circuit. Looking back towards the end of Conrod Straight


Own Photo: 


Safe trip Peter and keep posting some pics.

Great photo mate!

Good picture. Enjoy your trip and be safe

Nice!! Enjoy your ride.

It is a good thing you explained the pic otherwise I was going to comment about what road, it looks like you are on the track.

So how fast did you get going on that track? If its over 100mph dont tell me, I'll get goose bumps

It is a public two way road most of the year but they use it for a few car race events. 1000 km enduro, 12 hour plus some others. Used to also be used for motorcycle racing years ago. The speed limit is 60kph but some boy racers think it’s a race track all year. They fly around over the limit and using all the road.

Randy/Valerie .... we are on the track ! It’s a public road (scenic drive) when not closed for racing. The speed limit (monitored by cameras) is 60kph/35mph.

Here is a vid of me having a bit of fun on the track in 2012.

Safe trip Peter, enjoy I know you will.

I must get up to Bathurst and see a mate that lives up there and do a lap - it has been about 30 years since I done my last one .... and I want to visit the Speedway Museum there in Bathurst in the Industrial area it is and spend a few hours there checking it out .... - Got lots of bikes and memoribilia in there ..... I used to visit the Speedway every friday/Saturday night when I was a young tacker both in Ipswich where I was born & raised and down in Brisbane at the Exhibition Showgrounds .... some fantastic battles fought out there at times ... between the Aussie boys and the Poms and the rest of the world ... Those were heady days for a young enthusiast .... I better get my digit out and get it organised ....
Cheers mate - Safe Riding ...

Nice picture Peter, stay safe and enjoy your adventure.

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