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On the road to nowhere


Watch out you dont get lost going nowhere, how will you know when you have arrived?

Funny, I have been on that road. Great shot

Great shot.... hope it NEVER ends !

Roads to nowhere are the ones.........
Great shot!

Nowhere is a popular destination,,let me know when you arrive!!

I ride out alone in the country a lot, looks just like this.  Great shot!

I hear that is a common place in Victoria.  Lots of little towns called that.  I asked a mate where he went for his weekend ride and he said nowhere.  When I asked my son where he went the night before, he said nowhere.  When I asked a staff member where she and her son go fishing she said nowhere in particular.  I gather that must be a bigger town that has a suburb called nowhere!!!

"Out" seems another popular one. "Where are you going?" ....."Out" you really want to know? Yeah....I suppose it would be handy info. You'd know where to avoid. lol

Ok, time to go out! lol

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