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Road Trip to Branson.

Road Trip to Branson.

Serendipity I was looking at Google Maps and found this link. We have taken this route many times. From Branson to Eureka Springs is another hour south. Maybe this is a sign? lol



Oh how I miss green grass...

Yep ... it’s a sign ... to Eureka Springs !

Nice Hwy Edwins, We'll be there this summer any way..

Gracie's idle just picked up

Hopefully my Bird is out of the hospital by then, otherwise I may have to add several more days of travel time to ride the Rebel, 60 mph vs 80.

It doesnt matter what you ride long as your getting some wind

New tires sitting in garage for Eureka Springs.

Valerie, one must be careful of what one asks for as Mother Nature does not seem to know how to moderate the wind.

Good thing Drew. Tires are very important Smiley-laughing

I got new tires to they cost $16,000.00 the bike was free.. I am ready NOW.. Just waiting for summer now.

LOL. I knew a guy like that, he never bought new tires, he would always buy a new car instead.

Scruffy, They must be nice tires. Or they came with chrome, leather seats, and 116 engine.

They came loaded with all the extras..

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