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Roadie and AnnieO do the Markets

Roadie and AnnieO do the Markets

Annie took Roadie for an outing to the local markets on Sunday. He is still behaving himself. We are very proud of the new roadie!Cool



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I'm beginning to think Annie might be dangerous for the male of the species.... She didn't slip in a frontal lobotomy on poor Roadie did she????

No roadie said he was missing the Walmartians and this place was the closest we could find to a Walmart. Didn't dare take pics of them they were too .... Out there. Came across one that looked like Gen Custer and another that was a walking curtain including curtain rings in various parts of his body.

Pretty funny stuff

He still looks rather limp in the legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie needs be careful Adrian ,this is a tactic that has been used for hundreds of years by pants men ,hes laying DOGO until he gets his chance when he sences aa weak moment he'll be all over her like a bad suit , little bugger.

Little ferret should be introduced to the local drop bear colony!!

just remember, he is a wolf.

yes he looks worried about where he is sitting, this time not the knife but could be a drop lol

Cool Smiley-laughing

I think you're right Mark, trying to be 'good' is killing him - and I do not trust him for one second !!
Merkin is safely tucked out of he way, the booze cupboard is locked (drill securely stowed away) and we keep an eye on him every minute!
I have no doubt once he leaves us for Dennis in WA he will be back to his 'old ways'!!
Watch out Dennis, he will be making up for lost time!!

Adelaide fresh food market's, if that is the place, love the fresh food you can get there

Question???? How come no one else here In SA Got a chance to have a visit with roadie??? or is it only for certain member's, Have ask for me & other's, but did'nt get the chance, Favoritism or NOT???????????

Not fresh food markets port dock market.

As for asking, I'm not aware of who has asked for him. I was only aware recently he has to go to Dennis for the Galipoli trip. Maybe talk to Dennis to see if he can send him over after that.
There is no favouritism and I am offended that you think so. Had anyone asked for him earlier I would have passed him on.

Once the scars heel, he will be back to his old self. Be careful.


It was not meant to slight any member, who has & will get Roadie as a visitor, was just posing the question, as i asked long a go for a visit, was not aware asked had not been passed on, thank's for the info about dock's, Dennis, any chance more of us SA member's can please get a visit by roadie after the Gallipoli trip, i understand the importance of honouring our fallen soldier's, was not aware of roadie going there, would not want to take away that important event from him

Looks like a huge marketplace!

Poor little thing... I can see - he wants to meet me again so I can cure him from this "behaving" evil thing!!!!!

He told me just before we put him on the bike that he is worried that if Dennis takes him to Sweden that evil Marek will force him into drinking some kind of weird Mushroom wine

how many ???????????? do you need to use to ask one Question .but let me tell you this there is no set list of people on Roadies must visit list nor is there a time limit on the time he spends with people either . He is going to turkey and if Dennis leaves him in over there so be it . And if you think that is favortism ABDOOD your on the wrong page and the wrong web site mate .

sorry to you annie for the comment above

Thanks Mark. No apologies required, what you say is correct. Smiley-laughing

I searched his luggage and I could not find an itinerary anywhere !

And when he is ready to settle down with a female companion, Foxy Lady is still waiting. She is slowly getting her riding gear put together. She said that if he was with her traveling the world, he would not be sexually frustrated and doing weird things.

No worries Randy - he will be there... There is still so many bloody Ausiies he must visit... He probably left USA too early, but he will make his way back to California through many US members... Foxy Lady needs to be patient...

Too true Marek, and I think he mentioned a visit to NZ as well.. He could be an old wolf by the time he gets back to the US.

...with walking stick and stuff.... LOL

Or blue pills randy

so nice to have the pills color coded for the condition


Which one is it Marek? The blue pill or the red one? If it takes a while for Roadie to make it back he should stop by here. An olRoadie and an ol2dogs would get along famously..

Annie, great pic of you and Roadie..

Glenn - for now he is on Red ones.... As soon as Dennis bring him here we will cure him with Green ones....

Great shot Annie..........( you didnt happen to leave the furry "varmit " at the market for "someone else " to enjoy did you ? !!!)

Nice Marek,.don't tell him though, he'll start getting all worked up about it. The green ones...Wow! That'll be fun to watch...

Randy, Roadie needs a good,strong woman to help him mend his ways !
'Foxy Lady' might just be the one .....she sounds a bit star-struck by him though. Does she realise what she would be in for ?? Smiley-wink

I hope that he isn't given blue pills instead of green by mistake......those he definitely DOESN'T need!! Lol

Why is everyone recommending the green ones!! They are pure evil in a pill!! He had better have a good supply of red ones around or he will be uncontrollable!! He will end up like Clyde!!

What colour counteracts the blue ones ???
(Maybe 2 pink ones in a jar??) Smiley-wink

Yellow. They are sulphur based!!!

Do you have a supply of yellow ones too Phil?
The mind boggles who you have prescribed them for !! Smiley-wink


Ouch Annie!

Going on "green ones" is the best "trip" I ever had... Smiley-wink

Are the "green pills like the green M&M's"? I thought it "was the blue pill that was like green M&M's" Now I'm getting all mixed up. It's a good thing I don't believe in pills.

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