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Roadie - The Celebrity Chef

Its a little known fact that Roadie is a great cook. He was telling me how he wanted to cook for all his friends but they insisted on giving him a drink. He made us a great Spaghetti Bolegnaise. These pics are proof of his culinary skills and his great behaviour



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bloody fantastic meal too.... Well done Roadie!

Hi Annie I found that after my trip to Vets i was inclined to do more cooking as well !!!!!!!!

Does he think he has had a sex change? or what? this is so out of character

Looks more like slave labour to me. Poor little Roadie and Pepsi Max that is punishment.

Obviously his taste has been affected by the trauma, you never drink pepsi with Pasta. Maybe a nice red wine, even an amber beer, but never pepsi.

A nice glass of red wine would have been good...and those medical dressings look scary..... Smiley-laughing
Has his singing voice got higher?

Just beware, one can always slip back into bad habits.

Would'nt trust him to cook for me, might get a bit hairy

Looks good from here, I guess he learned his lesson....around Annie anyway but who wouldn't with what nearly happened to him....

He did use a whole bottle of red wine in the pasta!

Roadie doesn't look happy. Fancy giving him an empty glass.

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