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Roadie is a changed person

Roadie is a changed person

Ever since our little run in Roadie has been on his best behavior. Here he is helping Beachy do some renovation to the kitchen for me. He is a hard worker when he doesnt have bad influences it seems



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All ya' gotta' do is give a guy a power tool and he is happy! We're all the same!

It was OK until the drill got stuck. the little bugger was spinning around in circles for 20 minutes trying to get off. He had to wait for the battery to go flat first. Biggrin

Twenty minutes trying to get off? Sounds like a personal problem. Hey...we've all been there!!!!!!

Speak for yourself Bob ! Poor little guy needs a better trip technique or learn when to let go.

Don't let him fool you Annie!
Old dogs don't change their coats....or something like that....

I certainly hope that he has the appropriate Visa Beachy.

Good to see that he is thinking safety, wearingnhis safety glasses when working. I hope he pulled them over his eyes when working.

Watch out that he doesn't drill through the lock on your booze cabinet!

Remember wolves are rather cunning.

A sheep in wolf's clothing

Now there's a good Roadie

You know a drill is just for high speed screwing. Better watch the little bugger.

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