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Just in case any Indian owners out here have not been notifies I just came across this article...




The Indian Vintage I have I have installed LED's and the wiring is not as good as it should be. I remove the rear harness and found that the clamps which hold it to the fender are just sticky tape. I have some epoxy I used to install my clamps which I use in rewiring rigs. Put dialectic grease in all the connectors. The tail lite did not have any water proofing no seal or even rubber grommets to seal water and dirt out of the light assy. Where the wiring went through the fender. Also the wire harness was rubbing on the open hole and had cut through to the out side tape. I installed some wire tubing and a grommet in the hole I also fabbed up a rubber gasket for the lite and fender mounting . I am going to check out the front light area soon.. This is a 2017 Vintage. It only has 2,500 miles. The wiring is not really planned out that well.

Wow Wayne that sound almost like amateur electrical installation, recipe for breakdown on a wet cold evening! Good thing you have mechanical know how to rectify these issues.

Sounds like very poor workmanship or bad quality control maybe ... definitely looking for trouble by the sounds of it.
I would have expected better from Indian in 2017 ...

Well that’s disappointing Wayne given the premium price paid for the bike!

And it is a brandnew bike you bought Wayne?! Here in Holland you would have spend somewhere around 30.000 Euro for that bike and that’s to start with for that type Indian and the quality is like that? Is is just a what we call it “mondaymorning produced bike” you have, I mean... bad luck... or is it the standard quality they produce for that money?

Wow! Sounds very bodgie.
I was looking at a Springfield in the dealership a while back and noticed half assed wiring around the steering head which was a real turnoff.
Polaris need to look into their quality control.

Very disappointing to hear. Hope Polaris get their act together.

Thats alarming to hear and disappointing. My mate Phill just bought a 2016 Roadmaster and has already been onto Polaris re the recall.

Also while he was at it he also complained about the mirrors which seem loose and he is always having to adjust them to see behind him. Apparently the glass is glued in so if you try to remove the mirror glass it may break getting to the nut ti tighten them up, so they are going to replace them even though they are out of warranty.

Just no pride in work any more. Harley also has a big recall due to possible brake failure. Trying to make a profit without the quality. I even notice it in the dress shirts I have bought from Land's End and LL Bean. I used to wear a shirt for 10 years before it showed wear and tear and now I'm doing good if I get 3 years. Some not even that.

LOL... sometimes you have to wash those shirts Randy!!! They are not made to wear three years without changing!! Lol

Polaris has poor quality control. Victory has the same problems.

I’m with you Gert. 3-10 years of wearing a shirt is a little rough Randy. Wash that thing or at least ride fast in the rain.
Polaris has had big issues for years, it’s sad to see it spill over to the Indian line.

LOL those are with at least monthly washings as I have that many dress shirts. like they say, same old crap, just piled higher and more spread out.

I am looking at all the wiring connectors and other places where the harness may go through any metal or frame. It is pretty, I never had any such issues with the Yamaha Stratloiner either one. I'll just have to keep watch for a while. I may just have to look for the new Yamaha Venture for a test ride,
I am too busy rewiring the dump truck for now.

I think its the latest crap they teach the kids in business school today. Make cheap sell high. I saw this in my later years fixing copiers too. That's annoying know about that wiring job too.

I still like the bike but now I know what to watch for. When I had the tank off to run power for a power point I found that the fuel tank vent line was rubbing on the frame. I moved it inside the protective covering that is in the center of the backbone. It had some real rubbing issues and was pinched closed at the rear of the tank. All fixed. Just stuff one finds when adding stuff to a bike or any thing.
I still like the looks and the way it rides. Another 20,000 mile will be the real test.

You got me wondering . I need to give mine a heavy inspection.

It may not hurt. I have found that where the wiring harness has gone through any metal that is where the issue is. The harness at the rear fender had already worn off the paint into the metal. This Vintage has only 1200 miles. The next thing is going to be the front fender lite. I want to make sure it has some grommet keeping the harness from rubbing the metal. If there is not any thing then moisture can get up there and start corrosion and rust in the area. I think better now while it is new than after 5 years and then have a problem. Just me thinking ahead.

Chaps ... I don’t want to start a war of words but ...

... having read all these messages I have to say that the fit and finish on my 2009 HD Fat Bob is of a very high standard. All wiring and tubes of varying purpose are well protected andvwell secured. Grommets and clips abound.

Vardy, 50k motorcycle, I should hope so......Mind you I would expect that from a 5k motorcycle so what's the go with Indian!!!

Dub, Dub, Dub ... that was the unecesarily inflated local price ... which I didn’t pay. Excluding the CVO range, comparable models across HD and Indian are on a par price-wise.

Redbook quoted!
In any case price should not be an indicator for fundamental build quality and no matter what the brand. I would hate to think that a life critical situation was to occur due to a preventable failure.

Here's a handy video about the War Bonnet

Thanks Matt... I have 2 Stratoliners and never had any issues with fit and finish. I have actually cussed them put for having so many clamps and clips which secure the fuel and wiring vacuum lines ,brake lines to the frame they built a great bike. This Indian seem a little cheep ( lack of QC) compared to the Stratoliners.

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