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Sad day....

Sad day....

Today my local area lost a great man to cancer. ...aged 46 years young.

He is the guy in the centre of the photo...

He is survived by his two sons.

Awhile ago we did a charity run to raise money for him and his family. ....CC kindly donated a box of goodies to be raffled off etc.

Thanks again Uwe and the team at CC for your generosity and kind words.

RIP will be missed by everyone who had the honor of meeting you.

Paul, Chloe and the kids x x



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That's way to young when there is a family involved, sound like there is plenty of support from family and friends.

Way to young to go! I agree with Dub about the support.

Condolences to you and his family...

It saddens me to hear of his passing. I'm a Hodgkin's survivor and I hate cancer. That evil disease takes to many good people.

Yes, a way too young. My condolences to you and his family.

Sad to hear. So sorry. "C" is an ugly thing. If governments put have the time and $$$ into finding the cure as they do into hating each other it would be no more.
Condolences to all who knew and loved him

I get so tired of, and angry when I hear people leaving us due to cancer!! I have lost quite a few due to this ugly thing!!!!

Sad at such a young age. Ride In Peace Muddy.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope his family is doing well. That's great that CC help out in this tough time

My condolences to his family and friends. As the song goes, Only the good die young.

Keep riding for your mate Folbz.

Sorry to hear you lost a good friend Folbz. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family.

My deepest sympathy Folbz to his family and friends, live each day with love and respect as we are just here for a very short time.

RIP Muddy

Ride In Peace

Rough times! RIP!
My condolences!

Thanks guys for the kind words

Sorry to hear. May he ride in peace now. Way to young.

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