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Same kind of windshield Arild!

Same kind of windshield Arild!

Well Arild, my winterbike is the Honda CB 500. Also a smaller bike but it gives about the same fun and... I’m still riding a bike during winter when the roads are too bad to use my all covered with chroom Star and I’m enjoying it so I think it’s like they always say: It’s not only the size what matters! LOL


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Lol !
You Got It ! The Riding !!
Great stuff my Friend ! Smiley-laughing
I am considering a small extention on top of my shield to take away the wind from my helmet too when it is at the coldest ! One I can easely remove.
If I hold my flat hand on top of my shield while riding I feel no wind.
They are cheep so it is worth a try .

I’m thinking about doing the same Arild and I installed heated grips. What I extra want is some kind of windprotectors on my handlebars to protect my hands against cold wind and rain. They are also not very expensive but very helpfull!

I have a pair of insulated chaps. What they cover works very well. The problem is what they don't cover.

yeah ! Smiley-laughing
Happy Times !
Feels a lttle sad though I pretty new to the site!

Yeah. KB is on facebook a lot but not so much here or the facebook CC page.

Looks like Kyle is doing OK doing the same gig. I hope the new Co. apricates his talent., this is what I have on the Rebel

Pretty wide Randy.
got your hands covered well , thats nice.

Yes it definitely reduces the windchill especially when close to freezing and moving 40 mph. Also put plexiglas over the engine guards to keep the feet warm

I put tin around my body to keep warm.....I take the car. Lol. I really felt the cold last winter more than any other time in my life.

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