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Scarlet now at home

Scarlet now at home

I finally got Scarlet home from the harley shop today. I am a serious happy camper


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I'll bet you are. I know I would be

You look good on that. Have a nice ride now. What did the shop find about your clutch?

Glad you got it home. I am interested to hear about the clutch as well.

The clutch was out of adjustment. The shop adjusted the clutch and lubed the cable during the service works great but the lever is still hard to pull.

Glad things are working so you can once again be riding.

Truly a beautiful bike

Found the tail light wire harness chaffing on the rear tire so I had to pull that out and splice the frayed broken wires, then relocated my rear turn signals onto the Easy Brackets lay back licence plate frame. Thank you Valerie.

Nice pic Tony !
Looking Good ! Smiley-laughing

Thank you Arild

I can relate. Nuff' said.

She looks beautiful

thank you pprice

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