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Scruffy's sign in the shed 2

Scruffy's sign in the shed 2

The sign hung next to the Route 66 sign we picked up in Ash Fork Arizona.




We'll check it out this Friday at happy hour Steve.

I like your shed, Steve. Looks like a good place to top up on liquids after doing some bike maintenance!

Now that's what I call a man shed. Well done Steve, I like a shed that is organised.

If this is a shed, then mine is more like a dog house, well a Bird's nest.

NIce spot and a nice shed you have STEVE..

Cheers Wayne!

Yep, Steve's shed is a palace compared to my little space.

Steve must have to much time on his hands. Its show quality neat. Mine looks like a roll over accident.

Its trick photography, it doesn't always look this neat.

Xero, sounds like mine.

Very clean indeed.

Seeing this has shamed me into getting mine picked up. Or maybe not !!

No....too much work for me.

Mine's full of projects. I'm about out of Tequila any one want to help out on the last two or three pulls on the jug?

It is a bit of a ways up there Wayne and Tequila not quite my cup of tea. It is getting to be more like hot chocolate and Peppermint schnapps time.

I can work with both. Not at the same time.

We have a very good German restaurant around the corner from us. Found out about all about schnapps and hot chocolate.

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